Placenta Encapsulation


Placenta Encapsulation is the process of dehydrating your placenta shortly after birth and creating capsules to help with postpartum support. 

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You have a choice between two methods of preparation:

Steamed Encapsulation also known as TCM (Traditional Chinese Method Inspired): 275

This method will involve gently steaming your placenta with ginger and lemon. Lemon is thought of as an antiseptic and helps to distribute the placenta throughout your body. Ginger is very warming and soothing. The TCM method is believed to have toning, healing and warming properties. Some believe TCM can be a more gentle approach. Others say cooking may result in a loss of nutrients and will prefer the raw and unsteamed method. There is a small amount of shrinking with steaming and because of this there will be less capsules produced. 

Unsteamed Encapsulation or Raw: 275

This method of encapsulating involves skipping the steaming process and the placenta will be dehydrated at a low temperature. Unsteamed will result in a higher number of capsules than the steamed method.

Both methods have great benefits and the choice of preparation is yours. The fee for encapsulation includes the pick up of your placenta from your birthing location and the delivery of the capsules to your home. Strict food safety guidelines are always followed with encapsulating. 



Encapsulation Add Ons 

4oz Tincture: 35 

Having a tincture is a great way to receive benefits of the placenta other than consuming the capsules. The tincture is made by adding a small piece of your placenta into 100-150 proof alcohol, aged for 6 weeks postpartum and then strained. They can help with energy, transitioning, stress and hormone stabilization. They are great for menstrual cycles, menopause and puberty. Tinctures can be use by the birth mother and the daughter of the birthing mother and can be stored indefinitely.

4oz Salve: 30

Placenta salve has many benefits and uses. It can aid in caesarean section healing, hemorrhoids, perennial tearing, burns, diaper rash, eczema and other skin irritations. It is very soothing and very healing. It is an all in one miracle cream. It can also be made without placenta for many of the same benefits.

Placenta Broth: 15

Placenta broth is available to those who have chosen the TCM method. The broth is made of the remaining liquid from the steaming process. It is made with filtered water, lemon and ginger. The liquid is strained and then bottled for consumption. It contains many of the nutrients that were lost from the placenta throughout the steaming process. The benefits have been said to be bursts of energy, hormone balance and feelings of overall wellbeing. The broth tastes much like an herbal tea and can be added to your own ginger and lemon teas.

I serve all areas of Northwest Arkansas including: Bentonville, Rogers, Fayetteville, Bella Vista, and Springdale. Pick ups can be at the hospital, birth center or home.

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